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Practical information

Practical information


Not later than 30 minutes prior to scheduled time of departure.

Departure from Bergen:       Check-in is handled by Widerøe.

Departure from Sumburgh:  Check-in is handled by Loganair.

Departure from Notodden:   Check-in is handled by our own staff.


For travels to/from Norway: Remember to bring your valid passport when checking in!




You may bring up to 10 kilos of luggage (to be checked in). In addition, you may bring a small purse/PC-bag into the cabin. Please note that there are no overhead lockers available.

There is no additional luggage allowance for children under the age of two years not sitting in their own seat.


Prohibited items - important information:

Passengers are encouraged to keep e-cigarettes and any spare batteries to these on their person and not in the luggage/handluggage. Consult these websites to see what is allowed and what is not when traveling from:


Excess baggage:

Due to limited space onboard our aircraft, bags in excess of 50x40x30 cm may not be accepted.

Heavy luggage (over 10 kilos) is charged with NOK 50 / £5 per kilo payable at check-in.


Unaccompanied minors/children under the age of 2 years:

Children under the age of 2 years must be kept in their travel companion’s lap during the flight.

Special rules apply for unaccompanied minors (5-12 years). Please see separate form (link)


Tickets & Terms:

  • Leisure:         

            Subject to available seats (limited availability). Non-refundable.

  • Weekend:       

Subject to available seats (limited availability). Return tickets only valid within the same weekend. Non-refundable.

  • Economy:

            Limited availability. Non-refundable.

  • Fixed:

            Booking min. 5 days in advance.

            Fully refundable if cancelled within 72 hours before departure.

  • Flex:

            Booking closes 3 hours before departure.

            Fully refundable if cancelled within three hours before departure.

  • Full Flex:

            Booking closes 1 hour before departure.

            Fully refundable if cancelled within one hour before departure.


Later cancellation than indicated above and/or no-show will not be refunded.

If the ticket is charged to a credit card, a cancellation fee of NOK 165 will apply.

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