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Executive charter/airtaxi

Save time and money

The single most important reason for choosing this way of travel is its unparalleled efficiency. Out and back on the same day, a road show with several destinations, picking up more passengers on the way, last minute change of destination? We fly when you want to depart, and we fly you directly to where you want to go without any change of flights.

Direct, point to point

When flying to a major city with us, we will normally operate to a small executive terminal where you will spend a minimum of time, also when returning to the airport to fly home. In many cases we can fly you to a smaller airport with little or no scheduled traffic a lot closer to your actual destination than the nearest major airport.

Work on board

To further underscore the efficiency, our passengers can work or conduct a meeting in total privacy on board the aircraft – and you decide what to serve during the flight.


We also offer quality and safety standards that are second to none. The authorities, our customers and our own rules and regulations determine our safety standards. Our flights are operated on the same safety level as the major airlines, and some of our contract customers impose their own safety requirements that by far exceed the authorities' regulations.

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